Contract between the User and Acord Tur SRL

Contract between the user (User, you) and Acord Tur SRL (, new). Please read these contract terms and conditions carefully (Terms & Conditions) before using the website (Site). These Terms of Use also set out the terms and conditions under which the Users procure the air tickets from Acord Tur SRL, based in Chisinau, the address: Puskin 35, Chisinau, R. Moldova.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions

By using this Site or by ordering air tickets through the call center, you fully agree to these Terms & Conditions, without any further restrictions. If you do not agree with any of the points described, you may not use this Site in any way.

Booking of air tickets

The booking of air tickets can be done online, directly on the website or through the Call Center. Any reservation made on the site or by telephone through the call center, is subject to the acceptance of the present terms and conditions and the special conditions imposed by the airlines and which will be presented to you in the confirmation email of the reservation or by telephone, by the consultants of the Accord Tur.

For certain flights (low cost, combinations of airline and low cost airlines, other combinations of flights), reservations cannot be confirmed on the site, therefore your request will consist of a reservation request that will be processed later by to the consultants Agreement Tur. They will notify you of the availability of seats and the fare of the tickets that can be confirmed.

In order to issue air tickets, it is necessary to pay for them. Tur agreement offers you a variety of payment methods, depending on the conditions imposed by each company.

Payment can be made:

– directly in the cashier

– Bank transfer

– in the agency with the bank card through POS terminal

– online with VISA or MASTERCARD bank card

If the payment was made online with the VISA or MASTERCARD bank card then the reimbursement is made on the bank card with which the payment was made after submitting an application for a refund of the original money at our headquarters in Chisinau, 35 Puskin str.

Upon booking, you will be notified of the payment terms made available by the airlines. For line bookings, most line companies require that the payment of the tickets be made in maximum 12 up to 48 hours, during which the Tour Agreement guarantees the availability of seats and fares. You will find this information available on the page or in the booking confirmation email. If the payment is not made within the communicated period, the airline reserves the right to cancel the reservation automatically.

For low cost tickets, reservations cannot be made without payment being registered in the Accord Tur accounts, therefore the Accord Tur will not guarantee the reservation of the places and rates communicated at the time of the reservation request. These will be guaranteed only after the payment is made and the tickets are issued.

Attention: between the moment of making the reservation requests on the site or by telephone and when paying the plane tickets and viewing the payment in the Tour Agreement account by its employees, tariff changes may occur or the places may no longer be available. In these situations, Tour Agreement will announce the passengers and they will communicate the next fare or propose new flight options that will meet their needs.

Cancellations / Changes

If you wish to cancel or modify the reserved or purchased ticket (and the airline allows this), it is your responsibility to inform in writing or by telephone the Tour Agreement about your intentions. In some cases, you may not be able to cancel / modify reservation / ticket. Tour Agreement cannot cancel / modify the reservation / ticket before receiving your firm application in writing.

In the event of a reservation change (including, but not limited to, cancellations, date changes, name changes), Tur Agreement reserves the right to apply certain fees to cover the administrative costs that may result from this action. These taxes differ from the taxes imposed directly by the airline.

In case of cancellation of the plane tickets for voluntary reasons, the service charge charged by the Tour Agreement at the time of issuing the ticket, is not refunded.

In case of force majeure and not only, the airline can cancel or delay the flight, as well as cancel the reservation without first notifying the Passenger, following the money to be returned to the passenger or to propose new flight options. In all these cases, the passenger will either be informed directly by the airline or by the representatives of the Tour Agreement.


Each airline has its own baggage transport rules. This information is presented to you by consultants.

For some airlines, hand luggage and / or hold is included in the rate communicated on the site. For low cost companies and some airlines, luggage is charged separately from the ticket price and this information will be provided during the booking process. Luggage can be purchased at the time of booking or after the flight tickets are issued, but not later than check-in.

Each airline has different dimensions (number of kilograms or length / width / height) for hand or hold luggage. In case you do not fit in these dimensions, the airline has the right to charge you extra.


Airport check-in can be done for both airlines and low-cost companies, but for the low-cost ones an additional fee is paid. In order to avoid paying an additional fee, Acord Tur recommends that you check in online. The information about the online check-in will be communicated by the Agents of Tour Agents when making the reservation.

Reservation – the sale of air tickets is done under the following conditions:

1.1. Reservations of seats for flights are made with the help of international computerized reservation systems, which allow the agency access to the company’s database and the effective reservation of seats for a certain flight in favor of potential passengers.
1.2. Reservations are free and are made before departure.
1.3. Once the reservation is made, the passenger will receive from the agency information regarding the flight price (valid at the date of booking), as well as the information regarding the conditions, restrictions and rules applicable to the air ticket that can be bought based on the respective reservation.
1.4. All the conditions, rules and restrictions applicable to an airline ticket are those dictated by the airline as well as other factors (eg visa requirement), independent of the agency’s will. These rules, as well as the price of the plane ticket, can be modified, by the will of those who imposed them, until the actual purchase of the ticket, without the agency being able to be held liable.


2.1. The issuing of reserved air tickets and their payment are made according to the conditions imposed by each company separately. The passenger has the obligation to inform about the deadline until the reservation is valid and to present in time for the payment of the ticket, respectively to order the ticket issuance, in order to take possession of it. The terms can be changed at any time by the company, in which case the agency will notify the passenger about the change, but could not be made responsible in any way by him for a possible cancellation of the reservation.
2.2. The contractual relationship between the agency and the passenger appears when the passenger has paid the plane ticket and has taken possession of it. Before actually paying the ticket, the passenger has the obligation to inform the agency about all the conditions and restrictions applicable to that ticket and to read the present general conditions.
2.3. The passenger pays the plane ticket in MDL, at the commercial exchange rate on the day of payment.


3.1. The prices of the air tickets sold by the agency are the result of a complex system of tariff rules, contractual rates, tariffs published in the centralized reservation systems, special rates, etc. In these conditions, each flight involves the calculation by the specialized agent of the price applicable to the respective plane ticket. The same flight, with the same company, in the same conditions of travel, can generate different prices. Given the multitude of prices applicable to air tickets, these, as well as the rules applicable to them, cannot be displayed or published. Also, the information regarding the rules, which come from the communications written or transmitted computerized by the company, through the centralized reservation systems or directly to the agency, have a continuous character, the modifications can be permanent, thus they cannot be translated and published. in any register.
3.2. Sales prices are not necessarily listed on the airline tickets. The sale prices derive from the rules for issuing air tickets established by the company.
3.3. The price of an airline ticket becomes firm, together with all the conditions applicable to it, only when it is entered on the collection document prepared by the agency (fiscal receipt).
3.4. The price of any air ticket implies special conditions, rules and restrictions applicable to the journey to which the particular document refers. The passenger has the obligation to inform about these rules before buying the respective ticket. After purchasing the ticket it is considered that the passenger became aware of all these rules, he can no longer claim that he was not informed, once he got possession of the ticket.
3.5. The fare of the ticket usually includes airport charges. However, there are situations, independent of the agency’s will, in which, during the trip, passengers may be asked for other taxes, which were not initially charged, in which case the agency cannot be held responsible.
3.6. The service charges (commissions) applied by Acord Tur SRL are included in the fares and can vary from one offer to another. Acord Tur SRL reserves the right to decide what service charges to apply. For additional services (including, but not limited to: luggage, preferential seats, sports equipment, pets, etc. – when these are allowed by the airline), purchased after issuing air tickets, Acord Tur SRL reserves the right to apply a service charge in the amount of 5 euros / passenger / flight segment.


In the event of changing a reservation (including, but not limited to, cancellations, date changes, name changes), Acord Tur SRL reserves the right to apply certain taxes to cover the administrative costs that may result from this action. These taxes are different from the taxes imposed directly by the airline.
In case of cancellation of air tickets for voluntary reasons, the service charge charged by Acord Tur SRL at the time of issuing the ticket, is not refunded.

V. Airplane ticket

5.1. The plane ticket is the document, the document or the electronic convention under which the flight is made. The plane ticket is issued by the agency but is the property of the airline for which it was issued.
5.2. The passenger who owns the purchased plane ticket has the obligation to keep it in good condition and to present it at boarding in order to admit it to flight. The loss or deterioration of the flight ticket by the passenger does not entitle the passenger to receive a new ticket, the failure to perform the flight for this reason falls under the exclusive responsibility of the passenger, without the latter being able to claim any compensation from the agency or company.
5.3. The conditions of the contract and the information entered on the plane ticket complete the present general conditions. It is considered that the passenger who came in possession of the plane ticket has been aware of all this information.


6.1. The agency is responsible for the correct issuance of air tickets and for informing the passenger in good faith about the conditions applicable to the sold air ticket.
6.2. The information of the passengers will be realized by displaying in the visible place in the agency the present general conditions of sale of the plane tickets and by presenting, at the express request of the passenger, the special transport conditions of the company, applicable to the flight in question, without needing by a signature of the passenger certifying that he was informed.
6.3. The passenger is required to read these general conditions displayed in the agency before buying the plane ticket. The plane ticket, once bought, is supposed to have informed the passenger about all the information related to the ticket, he being unable to subsequently invoke their ignorance and to claim any compensation to the agency.
6.4. The passenger is obliged to attend the boarding for the flight at least 2 hours before the departure time, in order to be able to complete the necessary formalities and in special cases, according to the information provided by the agency.
6.5. The agency is not responsible and no compensation can be claimed because the passenger did not fly, in the following conditions: -the passenger did not show up on time to boarding (2 hours before the time of departure recorded on the ticket) -the passenger is denied boarding due to some problems related to his personal documents (including lack of entry visa for the country of destination, fake visa, passport with interdiction, etc.) or in case of an unjustified refusal of the authorities to allow the trip. – Other circumstances or cases of force majeure, on which the agency could not foresee or avoid them.
6.6. The agency is not responsible for delays or schedule changes of the airline for which the ticket was issued, for the quality of the flight or for services related to the flight (ex – baggage losses), obligations that fall directly to the company. In such situations, the passenger will address the carrier directly, which will compensate the passenger in accordance with international regulations.
6.7. The passenger can give up the plane ticket purchased at any time, before the departure date. Regardless of the reason for the renunciation, the rule assumes that the passenger will be charged a penalty of 100% of the value of the ticket and the related airport taxes. If the company rules allow more favorable return conditions, the agency will apply these rules, in favor of the passenger.
6.8. The passenger may modify the initial ticket purchased under the conditions established by the company for which the ticket was issued, for each individual case.
6.9. The passenger cannot use only the component parts of the flight related to the purchased ticket. Failure to present the passenger on the first flight is considered a ticket waiver and the provisions of these general conditions apply.
6.10. The passenger cannot send the plane ticket to a third person.
6.11. Failure to fly means the loss of the plane ticket, with a penalty of 100% of the ticket value.
6.12. In the event that the passenger, due to his fault, uses only partially the flights registered in the purchased plane ticket, he will not be able to claim any compensation to the agency or company for which the ticket was issued.
6.13. The passenger has the obligation to ensure that he / she has all the legal documents necessary to carry out the trip (including but not limited to: passport, visa, power of attorney, health certificate, notary power of attorney), the agency having no liability in front of the passenger if he is denied boarding. or entering the destination country for this reason. The refusal to embark for one of these reasons falls to the exclusive responsibility of the passenger, without him being able to claim compensation to the agency.
6.14. The agency will inform the passenger in good faith of the necessary formalities for the requested trip, according to the information provided by the computerized reservation system, but cannot be held responsible for the veracity of this information and neither will it be held responsible for providing them or not, because the information service is an additional one offered and is not related to the ticketing service.
6.15. The agency is not liable for damages or inconvenience caused to the passenger during the flight or due to changes in timetables, flight delays, etc., circumstances that are beyond the control and will of the agency.
6.16. Due to the situation created by the massive requests for political asylum or the illegal stays in the countries of the West, the authorities of all the states, even in the presence of the entry visa issued by the embassies of the respective countries in the Republic of Moldova, can refuse without explanations to allow the crossing of the border, respectively the boarding by plane. of the passenger. In such situations, the agency cannot claim compensation, because the impossibility to carry out the transport is due to the fact of a third party.


7.1. Any claim regarding the purchased plane ticket will be made in writing, within a maximum of 7 days from the occurrence of the claimed event.
7.2. Claims that are not made in writing will not be considered.
7.3. The agency will forward the complaint to the airline for which the ticket was issued and the solution will be that given by the airline, as the owner of the ticket. The agency will inform the passenger about the solution given by the company to the complaint, in writing, within 3 days from receiving the response from the company. In the event that the passenger is not satisfied with the answer received, he / she will contact the airline that made the flight directly.
7.4. The passenger will be directly compensated by the airline in all cases in which it decides this, the agency being not obliged to mediate such compensation.
7.5. Any claim will be made by the passenger in accordance with the present general conditions for the sale of air tickets.


8.1. The present general conditions are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Warsaw Convention.
8.2. The posting of these general conditions in the agency implies the passenger’s obligation to read them. It is considered that the passenger who bought the plane ticket has become aware of the content of these conditions and he will not be able to invoke later their ignorance or lack of information.
8.3. The modification of this contract is made only by an additional act concluded between the contracting parties. This contract is concluded, in 2 copies, each of them having the same legal power;
8.4. The contract is regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. Any claim arising in connection with this contract, in case a common agreement is not reached, the dispute is settled by the court.

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